Stair Stretcher

Wheelchairs are an indispensable means of transportation for the elderly and the disabled, and with the increase of barrier-free facilities, the range of activities of wheelchair users has gradually increased, but the stairs have greatly restricted the wheelchairs. And the emergence of this kind of stair stretcher is the perfect solution to this problem.
This stair stretcher is widely used for the elderly in the family, the school to go up and down stairs or emergency evacuation.
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Vest seat belt, lithium battery, fastening screw wrench set, soft cushion
- Lightweight and flexible structure with aluminum alloy material
- The stair stretcher is fitted with a vest-style metal buckle strap to ensure safety during transport
- The foldable structure is easy to carry and is used to rescue patients with fractures up and down the corridor
- No restrictions on the height of the stair steps and the width of the step plane
- The operation is simple, the crawler type design, the upper and lower floors are very smooth and easy, and it will not slide or tilt even if it stops during the process of going up and down
- Equipped with an emergency stop button, which is very safe and reliable
- Concealed waterproof circuit design, no noise operation, longer service life, and more high-end and generous
- The battery is installed in accordance with international standards and does not fit close to the human body, making the user feel more comfortable
- Widened back design, popular for fat and thin people, the chair is equipped with comfortable cushions, making the elderly sit more comfortable
- With 4 wheels, it can be used as a chair on the ground, the wheels are made of rubber, strong and wear-resistant
This stair stretcher mainly uses high-rise buildings to transfer patients up and down stairs, such as hospitals, emergency centers, firefighting, emergency ambulances, etc.