Spine Board

This rugged spine board is made of PE material that allows the patient to X-ray on the board. It comes with a seat belt for use with the DP1331 - head holder.
Our spine boards are CE certified, MRI compatible, and have long life and homogeneity with XRay. It is lightweight and prevents collisions, corrosion and cracks. We also offer 3 straps and head restraint straps as well as spine plates as needed. It can be used to secure the victim's head, neck and torso to reduce further damage after an accident.
Medcare Technology is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of cheap spine board. We offering the optimal sourcing solution for EMS equipment, hospital furniture, hospital equipment and medical consumables. Welcome to place spine board orders with us! Customized service is also available.
- Multiple armrests allow for easy lifting and handling
- A complete fixed package
- Light weight but good use
- All products are X-ray translucent
- Easy to clean and disinfect
- Equipped with head holder and speed entrainment
- Formed with PE material, the material is non-toxic, non-polluting and non-release material.
- Suitable for use in various harsh environments for rescue. Internal foaming treatment increases the displacement and can carry people floating on the water.
- It can be used with the head holder and neck support to prevent the injured person from being injured in the head, neck and back.
- Made of high-strength engineering plastics, it is durable, not easy to age, and can safely transfer the wounded and sick.
- It is a first-aid transfer equipment that can be equipped to the medical department.
- The head holder is made of a high-density plastic material with two rounded ear holes on either side of the head.
- The overall material is metal-free and can be scanned without the need to remove the head holder, NMR.
- The spine board is waterproof, easy to clean and anti-virus infection, and can be used with a shovel stretcher.