Speedblocks Head Immobilizer

Speedblocks Head Immobilizer

  • speedblocks head immobilizer details:

    Box meas43.5*27*14cm
    Carton Meas56*45*59cm


    The head holder is a new generation of head holders newly developed and produced. It features two separate designs that are lightweight and easy to use. Made of airtight foam, it does not absorb blood and body fluids. It is easy to clean and disinfect. It can be used repeatedly without being affected by bad weather. Features: The integral part consists of a base plate and two head straps that can be used repeatedly.

    There are reasonable ear holes on both sides of the head to observe bleeding or drainage. The metal-free design of the monolithic material allows X-ray, CT, and MRI to be used with any wooden, aluminum, and plastic mounting plate and scoop stretcher without the need for the patient to remove the head restraint. Can also be used with a variety of neck support.

    For people:



    3. Police officers

    4. Rescue fighters


    1. Better fixed protection to ensure the safety of the wounded

    2. The left and right retainers are soft, no metal components, safe and reliable

    3. Adjust the head size distance by burr and bottom fixing

    4. Use the connecting belt with the wounded fixing plate

    5. Durable

    6. Can perform X-ray, CT scan, MRI, clear imaging

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