Scoop Stretcher

Scoop Stretcher provides superior comfort and safety for patients who require spinal fixation. The bucket eliminates the need for rolling operations, which significantly reduces the movement of the cervical spine. Two hinged interlocks allow the operator to place the two halves under the patient's body and gently pry up.
The Scoop stretcher is designed to be gently manipulated under the patient without the need to roll or lift. The open center allows the patient to perform an X-ray while remaining fixed on the stretcher. Made of lightweight aluminum with adjustable length and tie straps.
Scoop Stretcher is a user-friendly and flexible scoop stretcher for hospitals and institutions. It is suitable for transfer from lying down to bed, operating table or floor. Safe and reliable, it is ideal for patient transport. Suitable for emergency care, ensuring timeliness and safety.
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- Lightweight and high strength with ergonomic high-strength aluminum alloy and precision molded design.
- Easy-to-clean surface that is unaffected by liquids, resistant to corrosion, heat, cold and antibody.
- Seamless structure makes cleaning easy, foldable structure for easy carrying and storage.
- Narrow foot end frame for operation in confined areas.
- The telescopic tube allows the length to be adjusted to suit patients of all heights, reducing cervical motion.
- Dual safety lock for smooth locking and unlocking.
- Two hinged interlocks allow the operator to gently pick up the patient without having to roll them.