Roll Stretcher

This lightweight and compact roll stretcher is easy to transport and quick to deploy. It is made of special composite plastic, which is light in weight and easy to carry. It can be used for emergency rescue, deep space and narrow space rescue. The roll stretcher can be hauled horizontally or vertically, and the color-coded strap securely molds the flexible material of the stretcher around the casualty.
In addition, the powerful side handles allow multiple rescuers to maneuver the roll stretcher in an emergency. The smooth underside of the roll stretcher prevents damage to the strap during dragging. The reinforced color coded eyebolts and retaining clips are made of stainless steel, ie the use of salt water is not adversely affected. The roll stretcher has a smooth surface that is easy to clean, rolled up and packed in a bag, ready to use. All straps and handles are user replaceable.
The roll stretchers are specifically designed to limit the narrow spaces that enter. Flexible materials allow the stretcher to be rolled up and stored in a backpack for easy transport. There is no webbing underneath the stretcher and the unit can be dragged without damage to the strap.
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1. Made of special composite plastic material.
2. Great assistance in first aid and training to enable patients to complete the rescue process.
3. Can be used for fire emergency rescue, deep space narrow space rescue, general rescue.
4. Avoid secondary damage caused by cervical vertebrae.
5. Fully translucent X-ray, strong and wear-resistant.
6. The surface is firm and the one end is sunken to keep the patient's head fall off.
7. Compatible with most head restraints, seat belts and belts. 8. Mainly used in hospitals, sports, ambulances and outdoor carrying patients and wounded.
Fire emergency rescue, elevated aircraft ambulance, chemical accident scene rescue, etc.