Rescue Tubes For Lifeguarding

Rescue Tubes For Lifeguarding

  • rescue tubes for lifeguarding details:

    MaterialProduct sizeBuoyancyCarton sizeGross weight
    NBR and foam128 x 14.5 x 9cm>140N130 x 31 x 47cm



    This product is a life-saving device for water sports rescue.It is made of NBR and foam.This product uses high-quality closed-cell sponge, which is surface-coated to achieve the effect of protective layer on both sides of the product. A high-density polypropylene tape is sandwiched between the products to make the product durable and the two ends are strengthened. , still strong


    1. Strong pressure resistance;

    2. Corrosion resistance;

    3. Light weight, easy to carry;

    4. Simple to use.

    Applicable places:

    1.Large swimming pool

    2. Outdoor reservoirs, small rivers and other swimming places

    3. Island seaside travel

    4. Swimming Learning Training Center


    1.Factory direct sales

    2. Quality assurance

    3. Support customization

    4. Fast delivery

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