Multi Grip Head Immobilizer

Multi Grip Head Immobilizer

  • multi grip head immobilizer details:

    TypeFirst-Aid Devices
    MaterialNBR rubber foam
    Single packing41*26*15cm
    Package8 pcs/carton
    Packing size55*45*56cm
    N.W./G.W.0.7 KG/1.15 KG
    ApplicationImmobilization device


    The multi-claw holder is lightweight and easy to carry.It is made of 3 separate parts and NBR rubber foam. It can also be cleaned easily . The waterproof plastic coating makes it easy to prevent bacterial growth in the assembly. It consists of two plastic coated closed cell foam heads, a universal accessory base and two durable headbands. The base plate is suitable for all aluminum and plastic backing plates and is used to monitor the patient's large ear holes. It can minimize interference with X-ray, MRI or CT procedures. This kind of holder will not absorb blood or body fluids.


    1. The material is metal free and can be worn in X-ray, MRI and CT scans.

    2.50% or more of the support surface

    3. Easy to clean and disinfect for reuse

    4. Can be used for water rescue

    Technical features:

    1) The hole in each head cushion can monitor blood and fluid loss

    2) The headband can provide lateral support to the utmost extent

    3) Waterproof treatment to prevent body fluid absorption

    4) Light weight, large buoyancy, can be used for life-saving water

    5) Easy to clean and disinfect between use

    6) No metal design allows minimal interference with X-ray, MRI or CT scanning procedures

    7) large side opening for monitoring the ear canal of the patient

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