Folding Stretcher

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The folding stretcher is made of high-strength aluminum alloy body. The weight of the stretcher is Oxford leather, which ensures the safety and stability of the injured. At the same time, in order to facilitate the movement and fixation, the bottom of the stretcher has a roller on one side; the other side has a bracket, and when fully opened, it can also double as a temporary ambulance bed. This model is extremely light in weight and compact in size, easy to carry and safe to use. The main purpose of the collapsible stretcher is to transport ambulances and transfer the wounded and sick in hospitals, military battlefields, stadiums, etc.
Folding Stretcher As a new type of medical vehicle, it is different in convenience from the general hospital bed. In order to alleviate the patient's pain, the index of medical convenience is much higher than that of a general bed car.
The folding stretcher has a guide rail at each end of the upper part of the vehicle body, and the bottom of the guide rail has a rack. The guide rail can be moved to the left and right when the gear is driven. The guide rail has a guide sleeve, which can slide along the guide rail, and there are two guide sleeves. The rotating stretcher rod can roll the sheets under the patient's body into a stretcher. When not in use, the stretcher system can stand upright on one side and the legs can be retracted to reduce the floor space.
Folding stretchers are convenient for some venues. The traditional emergency stretcher has a cumbersome appearance and is not suitable for carrying in disaster emergency. In addition, its operation is difficult to install, it can only be pushed or not, so the folding stretcher is still very advantageous in this respect. Compared with the traditional stretcher, the foldingstretcher is easier to operate and carry.
- Rescue the stretcher vehicle equipment for the patient up and down the stairs.
- Easy to operate, the stairs up and down are not bumpy and stable.
- Flexible turning, saving time and effort, can run the patient in time.
- It is widely used in hospitals to lift stairs and up and down ambulances to rescue patients.
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