Basket Stretcher

Basket Stretcher is designed to rescue injured people from any situation. Yellow high-density polyethylene housing, supported by stainless steel outer rails, permanently attached to stainless steel semi-tubular rivets. A molded flow channel, a fully exposed outer rail, a non-absorbent foam pad secured to the stretcher and four patient straps were used.
Basket Stretcher has a spacious interior that accommodates a life-saving blanket for added comfort. Four movable patient restraints and padded internal and footrests provide more comfort and stability for the patient.
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- Equipped with a four-point lifting reel for easy transport of hand holes and anchor points for patient restraints.
- Easy to carry, easy to clean, light weight and durable.
- With all the additional accessories, these accessories can be used for safe transfer in almost any and all situations.
- The all-in-one stainless steel frame provides an extremely high strength rating while providing a single-plane sliding surface at the bottom.
- The outer high-density polyethylene housing is attached to the top tube, allowing the secondary rail to be fully exposed, which provide a complete selection for most technical rescues to bind the patient.
- A large number of cut-outs in the housing provide a large number of exposed top rails for handling.
- The patient pad is made of closed cell foam, does not allow liquid to immerse into it, and can withstand the most demanding detergents.
The basket stretcher is suitable for unusually difficult rescue situations such as industrial, mining or construction, such as large hillsides in caves that require long-distance hiking.