Ambulance Stretcher

The ambulance stretcher mattress is made of waterproof sponge, and the angle of the backrest can be adjusted to make the injured person lie comfortably. It also adopts a low frame structure that can move both on the ground and lift. It is mainly used in hospitals, sports fields, ambulances and urban road ambulances.
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- Made of high-quality aluminum alloy aluminum, the structure is light and flexible.
- The foam cushion is used to make the wounded and lying comfortable.
- Telescopic handles at both ends for easy lifting of the stretcher.
- With a low frame structure, it can move on the ground and lift the walk
Ambulance stretcher is widely used for hospitals, battlefields, gymnasiums to transport wounded and sick people, and can also be used for general surgery.
1. Use a sponge pad stretcher to make the patient transport comfortably, lift the patient onto the stretcher and transport it through an ambulance.
2. If the stretcher needs to raise the head, press the button below the stretcher head to lift it up.
3. When the patient arrives at the ward or destination, pull out the handle and lift the two.
4. The stretcher face barrier uses a rotary elastic locking device, turn over the barrier to ensure patient safety, if necessary, use the insurance belt insurance; turn down the guardrail, the patient is convenient.
5. When the patient needs an infusion, one end of the stretcher surface can be inserted into the infusion stand.
1. When transporting the patient, be sure to turn the guardrail up to ensure safety.
2. Do not scratch the stretcher surface during general surgery.
1. Always keep clean (including disinfection)
2. Often check if there are parts loose
3. It is forbidden to stand upside down during storage and transportation, and stack them according to the packing box.
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