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Rescue Tube
Nov 24, 2018

Product Detail


Basic Info
  • Type:Inflatable Pool

  • Material:Vinyl

  • Suitable for:Amusement Park

  • Color:,Customized

  • Condition:New

  • Enter Attribute Here (e.g.: Size):Enter Value Here (e.g.: 12 Inches)

Product Description
The introduction of advanced technology, the main structure,
materialis Vinyl-covered closed-cell foam. Soft, durable,
comfortable, easy-to-clean, 
main  feature
A rescue flotation device ergonomically designed to provid
e flotation support and easy to grip texture during water
 rescue operations. Made of high-quality vinyl-coated foam
 with internal strap construction, can provide enough 
buoyancy in the water, a wide range of applications
 in the water park, water amusement park, and so
 on.Packed two per carton. Available in red

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