Rescue Tube

The rescue tube has excellent comprehensive performance, and has unparalleled impact resistance, pressure resistance, wear resistance, anti-aging and light weight of other engineering plastics. At the same time, the structure of the new emergency rescue channel is ergonomic, simple in structure and easy to assemble and disassemble. Strict quality testing verified the reliability of this rescue tube for emergency rescue of construction.
The rescue tube adopts a new material ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, and temporarily fixed by a rubber ring or a wooden wedge. To ensure that the pipe is subjected to the pressure of the collapsed body, Medcare Technology has rigorously screened the materials used to ensure the pressure capacity of the product and the firmness of the joint.
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- Our solvent-based coatings contain unique materials that reduce fading
- Multi-layer, high-viscosity vinyl minimizes puncture and tear Sanding edges reduce cracking
- Tapered tapered end reduces resistance in water
- The integral strap is securely attached to the entire length of the tube
- Square X stitching on all sewing tapes minimizes tearing and tearing
- Additional size available on request
- It can be manually disassembled, the connection is firm, and the material cost is low, which saves the procurement cost for the engineering project.
- High and low temperature resistance, strong corrosion resistance, convenient construction and long service life.
- The bottom layer of the tube is in contact with the steel pipe surface with an epoxy powder anticorrosive coating and an outer resin rustproof paint.
- The inner wall of the tube is smooth. When an accident occurs, the escape speed is fast and it is not easy to cause secondary abrasion.