Rescue Hooks

Rescue hooks are invaluable tools for safely removing injured workers from confined spaces, vaults, electrical cabinets or switchgear. It is filled with foam, a fiberglass-reinforced handle, excellent electrical insulation, and a heat-treated body hook.
Rescue hooks are a must-have for all your electrical safety needs. The hooks are made of high strength vinyl impregnated steel. The handle is made of non-conductive glass fiber and 100% tested for electrical protection, in accordance with the relevant standard specifications. The innovative design allows the unit to be transported as two separate components, saving the user significant shipping costs without sacrificing strength or toughness as an assembly unit.
Medcare Technology is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of cheap rescue hooks. We offering the optimal sourcing solution for EMS equipment, hospital furniture, hospital equipment and medical consumables. Welcome to place rescue hooks orders with us! Customized service is also available.
- Made of the highest quality electrical grade fiberglass.
- The wall thickness has been carefully designed to provide maximum mechanical strength.
- Each rod is internally filled with a high performance closed cell foam to prevent water from entering.
- The outside of the rod is chemically sealed to provide a smooth surface texture for easy cleaning.
Suitable for rescue work in a variety of live workplaces, such as basements, substations, electrical cabinets and switchgear.
1. Pull the waist and the armpits of the human body to prevent secondary damage to the rescued person.
2. Insulation rescue hooks are easy to operate and easy to store. They should be placed in conspicuous parts and keep the utensils dry.
3. We can customize according to the user's actual use environment.
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    Swimming Pool Rescue Pole

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    Size: 550x550x600mm
    Option: with adjustable pole
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    Swimming Pool Rescue Hook with Adjustable Pole

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    Aluminiumn Pole Swimming Pool Rescue Equipment

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