Rescue Can

Our rescue cans are lightweight and reduce drag, while the bright international orange provides high visibility. The cans has a number of convenient grips that are firm and comfortable to help calm down the troubled swimmer. The tough surface is covered with a water film that reduces the resistance of the waves and allows it to slide on the water! Bright orange helps ensure a clearer contact from the guard station to the station.
Rescue can adopts the internationally popular rotomolding molding process and is integrally formed. It has various advantages such as anti-aging, corrosion resistance, drop resistance, scratch resistance, no deformation and no air leakage.
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- Can be used with or without pockets for pocket masks
- Ideal for lifeguard patrols
- Seamless unit is very buoyant and light
- Consisting of highly visible orange plastic and molded handles
- Durable, low maintenance, including lines and nylon shoulder straps with hook and loop fasteners
- Unique contour grip with double armrests
- Made of polyethylene for outstanding durability
- Help rescue struggling swimmers
- Ergonomic handle, comes with shoulder straps and lines.
Ideal for lifeguard patrols, can be used for open water rescue, multi-victim relief and diver rescue
The rescue can should be placed in baths, swimming pools, boats, lifeguards, life-saving stations or specific locations, and the ropes should be rolled up for easy carrying.