The lifesaving Medcare Technology provided including emergency rescue floating can, rescue tube, rescue hook, buoy ring and more.
The lifesaving floating ring is a circular floating ring. Usually used in conjunction with a lifeline. When performing a water rescue, throw the floating ring to the drowning person. The drowning person puts the rescue float on the arm and then bends the arm to fix the floating ring. At this time, the rescuer began to drag the floating rope to rescue the drowning.
The structure of the basket stretcher focuses on the wide range of first aid, flexibility and particularity, such as air or sea rescue. The rugged, easy-to-use frame allows the operator to take first-aid measures safely and quickly. The hook can be connected to the hook on the aircraft to achieve field rescue. The stretcher is equipped with adjustable foot safety mechanisms, safety belts, etc. The material is non-toxic and non-polluting, with fire and abrasion resistance and erosion resistance. In addition, it can be split into two parts for easy portability.
The life-saving float is a lifeline that can be used alone with a lifebuoy. It is a combination of a plastic case and a lifeline. The conventional line length of the life-saving float is 30 meters, and it can also be customized according to the user's length, and its tensile strength reaches 250kg.
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- The design is scientific and practical.
- Careful workmanship and quality assurance.
- The life-saving rope adopts high-strength lightweight fiber, high strength, small elongation, good anti-shock performance, and can float on the water surface for easy identification.
- Sturdy material and high pressure resistance.
- Strong buoyancy and easy to carry.
- Support customization, multi-standard optional.
1. Water rescue, swimming pool safety essentials, outdoor sports.
2. As a rope with a lifebuoy and a life-saving rope, the life-saving float can be used on ships, life-saving buoys, and life rafts.
3. Suitable for all kinds of water sports and water recreation and rescue activities.
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