Patient Transfer Sheets

The patient transfer sheets are composed of a non-woven fabric, a medical PE film, and an anti-leakage cleaning pad. Its main component is SMS non-woven fabric, which has strong horizontal and vertical pulling force, which is convenient for patients to change beds and transport. It is mainly used for the movement of the patient's position, reducing the patient's injury during the transfer process, including bed movement.
When using, spread the transfer sheet on the bed or the moving block so that the handles on both sides are on the shoulder and hips; when moving the patient, first adjust the height of the moving block to match the height of the bed, and then the operator drags the leash to the bed with both hands, or move the pulley.
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1. Avoid secondary injury caused by patient handling;
2. Reduce the labor intensity of medical staff;
3. Simple bedover, single person completion;
4. Prevent bed linen contamination.
The patient's bedover between the operating table, the hospital bed, the moving cart, and the rehabilitation or heavy patient care, the patient shifts, sideways, cleans, and the like.
* This patient transfer sheet has been sterilized by ethylene oxide and is a one-off product.
* The package is damaged or is not allowed to be used beyond the validity period.
* Store in a well ventilated, dry, room temperature.