IV Pole

The chassis of the IV pole starts to have wheels, which is convenient for people who are infusion to go to the bathroom and other places. The casters under the IV poles are very flexible, easy to move, and have armrests in the middle of the infusion stand for easy access by elderly patients. IV pole is rugged and durable, and it can be disassembled and assembled to reduce the floor space and make efficient use of space.
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The IV pole includes a support, a telescopic pole, a hook, a binding strap, a suspension pole, a binding strap, and an infusion tube clamp. When the patient moves, the IV pole is attached to the patient's body by a strap and can be moved with the patient. Compared with the prior art, the IV pole provided by Medcare Technology greatly facilitates the free movement of the patient during the infusion process and reduces the labor intensity of the nursing staff.
Structural Features:
- The upper end of the suspension pole is fixed with a hook, and the lower part has a section of internal thread.
- The IV pole is divided into two sections, one section being an externally threaded pole section and one section being a smooth pole section.
- The externally threaded pole segment is screwed onto the suspension pole and the smooth tube section is inserted into the sleeve.
- The suspension pole is provided with a binding ferrule that can move up and down freely.
- A strap is fastened to the strap and the strap is provided with a Velcro and a sponge cushion.
1. Chair surface: imported high quality cold rolled steel plate; Process flow; punching → stretching and bending → welding → fine polishing (smooth surface, not easy to wear, durable) → rust removal treatment → electrostatic powder spraying.
2. Leather pad: Made of high-quality PU leather and high-elastic sponge and multi-layer plate to achieve a comfortable seat and not easy to deform.
3. Cross section: high-strength steel tube with high quality and brightness;
Process: steel pipe cutting → perforation → anti-rust treatment → polishing → spray
4. Handrails and feet: High-quality, high-strength steel pipes; Process: Die casting → deep drawing steel → high strength welding → fine polishing → derusting treatment → electrostatic powder spraying.