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The healthcare products offered by Medcare Technology including Patient Transfer Slide Sheets, Economic Aluminum 4-Leg Walker For Elderly Walker, Four Hooks Stainless Steel Adjustable IV Pole Stand, Handicapped Simple Foldable Medical Metal Underarm Hand Crutches, Economic Aluminum 4-Leg Walker For Elderly Walker and more.
Many people are accustomed to the fitness equipment in the fitness club, the sports equipment in the community, the various sports equipment in the sports shop, various massage equipment, rehabilitation and treatment equipment are all called health care equipment.
The healthcare products we provide have medical devices for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, etc., such as various detectors, massagers, health care devices and other products with therapeutic and health care functions.
The healthcare products we provide are instruments, equipment, appliances, in vitro diagnostic reagents and calibrators, materials and other similar or related items that are used directly or indirectly in the human body, including the required computer software. The utility is obtained primarily by physical means, not by pharmacological, immunological or metabolic means, or although it is involved in these ways, it only serves as an auxiliary.
- Diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or relief of the disease;
- Monitoring, treatment, mitigation or functional compensation of injuries;
- Testing, substitution, adjustment or support of physiological structures or physiological processes;
- Support or maintenance of life;
- Pregnancy control;
- Provide information for medical or diagnostic purposes by examining samples from the human body.