Dynamed Hare Traction Splint

Dynamed Hare Traction Splint

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    TypeFirst-Aid Devices
    MaterialsAluminium alloy


    The leg traction splint is designed for hospital care and patient transport. The leg traction splint is very compact and lightweight for use in patients with midline femur fractures, helping to reduce pain in patients, prevent further damage to surrounding muscles and tissues, and reduce the risk of death from broken arteries. This product is made of carbon fiber or aluminum alloy with adjustable length and nylon cable ties automatic traction device. The size is suitable for adults and children.


    1. Length can be adjusted;

    2. Helps relieve pain in patients;

    3. Nylon cable tie automatic traction device;

    4. The splint is very compact and light in weight;

    5.Dimensions for both adults and children.

    Working principle:

    The splint fixation method can restrain the splint by a strap or a bandage, and enhance the pressing action at the pressure pad to achieve the purpose of fixing the broken end of the fracture. After the fracture is reset, re-displacement occurs. When the bone is broken and displaced, the shape of the broken bone has a tendency to shift to the displacement direction. The soft tissue on the displaced path is damaged, forming a series of unstable factor. After the splint is fixed, the weight of the splint itself is very light, and the fixation does not include the joint. The weight of the distal limb below the articular surface is supported by the foreign object. Therefore, the weight of the distal limb of the injured side is greatly reduced.

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