Leg Traction Device

The leg traction device belongs to the technical field of medical instruments, and relates to a leg movement mechanical device on a lumbar traction bed. The technical problem to be solved by this kind of device is to provide a leg moving mechanism for a lumbar traction bed. The leg traction device has the advantages of simple structure, convenience, ease of use, labor saving, comfort, convenient and clean, more beautiful appearance and high degree of automation. It can be used by placing it on an existing traction bed.
Its ergonomic strap and bed design make the entire traction process more comfortable, with a variety of traction modes and preset traction speeds, suitable for people with different diseases. The automatic traction correction function ensures the treatment effect.
Is it always difficult to find comfortable but strong support for your knees? The leg traction device provided by Medcare Technology is made from the most durable neoprene rubber for maximum compression on the knee. Designed for comfort, the leg traction device provides the wearer with more relief and less wear and tear. It also speeds up the healing process of minor injuries such as sprains.
Medcare Technology is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of cheap leg traction device. We offering the optimal sourcing solution for EMS equipment, hospital furniture, hospital equipment and medical consumables. Welcome to place leg traction device orders with us! Customized service is also available.
- With multiple traction modes and automatic traction correction.
- Ergonomic strap design for more comfortable traction therapy
- With a single-knife puller, you don't have to roll the patient or lift your legs during use.
- It helps relieve pain in patients, prevents further damage to surrounding muscles and tissues, and reduces the risk of death from severing arteries.
- Made of aluminum alloy, adjustable length, nylon leggings with automatic traction device.
- The unique design effectively reshapes the femur fracture, reduces pain in the patient, and restores perfusion of the injured leg.
- With an integrated design, the application is quick and easy.
  • Dynamed Hare Traction Splint

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    Dynamed Hare Traction Splint

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  • Donway Sager Traction Splint

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    Donway Sager Traction Splint

    * Alleviate leg organizations pressure through traction, so to avoid further bleeding, and the nerves, blood vessels, bones and muscles secondary damage. * Made from aluminum alloy, the length is adjustable, nylon leggings tape automatic traction device. * Adults and children...Read More

  • Aluminum Alloy Leg Traction Splint Device Set for Adult and Child

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    Aluminum Alloy Leg Traction Splint Device Set for Adult and Child

    * Relieve the tissue pressure on fractured leg by means of traction applied. * Avoid further hemorrhages, shock and secondary nervous, vascular, bone and muscular damages. * Equipped with adjustable aluminum body, durable nylon leg straps and automatic traction mechanism. *...Read More