The Kendrick Extrication Device (K.E.D.) is a device used for vehicle rescue to remove victims of motor vehicle traffic accidents. Usually used by emergency medical technicians, caregivers or other first responders. K.E.D. is ideal for rescue and immobilization of patients from car accidents and other confined spaces. The wraparound design provides horizontal flexibility, ease of use and vertical rigidity to maximize support for the spine, neck and head during rescue.
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- The torso and leg straps are available in a variety of colors and are easy to use in harsh, pale environments.
- The wraparound design provides horizontal flexibility and vertical rigidity.
- Easy to use, it supports the spine, neck and head to the maximum during the rescue process.
- The built-in handle allows rescuers to hold the patient firmly and integrate K.E.D. as a whole.
- Adapt the hip and pelvis splint by simple inversion.
- The adjustable folding side allows easy access to the patient's chest.
- EMS gears are commonly used to secure the cervical spine and spine of a victim of a traffic collision when removed from the vehicle.
- Sewing straps and snap locks are quick and easy. Can be used in a variety of patients, including children and pregnant women.
The device can be quickly and easily inserted into the vehicle seat by a single rescuer, allowing access to the airway and conforming to any body size. K.E.D. is usually only used for victims of hemodynamic stability.
For pre-hospital first aid, especially traffic accidents, EMT, first aid kits for caregivers or emergency personnel are required.