Emergency Blanket

The emergency blanket has a large area, good thermal or cold insulation properties, and is completely waterproof, and is fully capable of meeting the needs of field activities. Wrap the wounded with an emergency blanket, which can effectively prevent the loss of calories in the injured, improve the chances of survival, and create conditions for better rescue in the future.
It can be used as a tent to prevent moisture and cold contact with the body. It can be used as a tent to provide an extra barrier during the hot summer months or cold winters.
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- Light weight, excellent performance, keep warm
- As survival and security as a necessary equipment to ensure safety
- Waterproof to prevent hypothermia
- The reflected light on the surface makes the target obvious and easy to rescue
- Effectively reflects sunlight and heat in a hot climate, keeping body temperature
- Emergency aids after an accident
- When camping or picnic, you can use it as a moisture barrier. - - When it rains, you can use it as a raincoat
Emergency services: evacuation and rescue of rescue and civil disasters.
Outdoor sports: mountain explorers, competition athletes, mountain rescue teams, ski climbers, explorers, etc.
Cars and field work: Ideal for personal safety equipment.
Military: It can help military personnel to hide and keep warm in the wild.