Emergency First-aid

The emergency first-aid products offered by Medcare Technology including KED, rescue tripod, emergency mylar thermal blankets, key-ring CPR one way valve mask, high quality malleable roll aluminium splint, outdoor gold/silver emergency blanket and more.
Emergency first aid equipment In a broad sense, all equipment that can save lives in a short period of time is first aid equipment. With the concern of people to improve the quality of life, learning and mastering some emergency nursing knowledge has become the new fashion of modern society. Learning a little about family first-aid care can save your family's life and reduce disability.
Although it may be unpleasant, the fact is that the accident did happen, and even experienced as a bystander, the accident was never a pleasant scene. No matter how hard we try or how many precautions we take, no one can guarantee an accident-free environment.
In the event of an accident, you act as a helpless observer, because just standing aside may worsen the situation and even lead to death. This is the importance of at least mastering the basics of emergency first aid. In the most basic cases, first aid is the initial assistance to a victim of injury or injury. Consisting of relatively simple techniques that can be performed using basic equipment, first aid is usually performed by a layman until professional medical assistance arrives.
Medcare Technology is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of cheap emergency first-aid. We offering the optimal sourcing solution for EMS equipment, hospital furniture, hospital equipment and medical consumables. Welcome to place emergency first-aid orders with us! Customized service is also available.
  • Kendrick Extrication Device Instructions

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    Kendrick Extrication Device Instructions

    The kendrick extrication device uses a fixed splint around the back to secure the patient for patients with rib injuries. The clip has three colors of straps for quick fixing, with a nylon clasp and a belt.Read More

  • Kendrick Extrication Device Ked

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    Kendrick Extrication Device Ked

    The Kendrick Extrication Device Ked is designed to fix the patient by using a fixing plate around the back, and is suitable for patients suffering from bone injury.Read More

  • Dynamed Hare Traction Splint

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    Dynamed Hare Traction Splint

    The Dynamed Hare Traction Splint is designed for hospital care and patient transport. The leg traction splint is very compact and lightweight for use in patients with midline femur fracturesRead More

  • Confined Space Rescue Tripod

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    Confined Space Rescue Tripod

    The confined space rescue tripod is a retractable foot made of high-strength lightweight alloy. It features a safety factor of more than 10, with a self-locking device for raising and lowering, and a special stainless steel wire rope.Read More

  • Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets

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    Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets

    The Emergency Mylar Thermal Blanket is a blanket which has the advantages of wide area, good thermal insulation or cold insulation performance,and fully waterproof.It is fully capable of meeting the needs of field activities, as a tent cloth to prevent wet and cold contact...Read More

  • 2018 Emergency Thermai Survival Mylar Blanket Hot Sale

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    2018 Emergency Thermai Survival Mylar Blanket Hot Sale

    1.Emergency blanket provides compact emergency protection in all weather condition 2.Made of durable insulation Mylar material 3.Retains/reflects 90% of body heat 4.Waterproof and weatherproof 5.Emergency blanket to be used as emergency shelter. Also great for camping,...Read More

  • Outdoor Gold/Silver Emergency Blanket

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    Outdoor Gold/Silver Emergency Blanket

    Emergency Blanket, Rescue Blanket, Survival Blanket manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Outdoor Gold/Silver Emergency Blanket, 3 Ply 17.5* 9.5 Disposable Safety Nonwoven Nurse Face Mask, First Aid Silver Emergency Sleeping Bag and so on.Read More

  • Aluminum Fire Fighting Equipment Rescue Tripod

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    Aluminum Fire Fighting Equipment Rescue Tripod

    Application: The Rescue Tripod applies to deep wall, high-rise buildings and any other high-rise rescue. It is equipped with systemic rescue safety harness and master lock. It is very convenient for users to use. It is suitable for fire and relief agencies. Structure:...Read More

  • Confined Space Rescue Tripod and Winch Equipment

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    Confined Space Rescue Tripod and Winch Equipment

    Fireman fire safety fire rescue tripod with CE standard Brief: * Item name: rescue tripod * Material is High strength Aluminum * 134-214cm working scope * 134cm Closed Height Specifications: * Max. Opening Distance of Blades > 28mm * Rated Working pressure :63Mpa * High...Read More

  • High Quality Malleable Roll Aluminium Splint

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    High Quality Malleable Roll Aluminium Splint

    The splint is made of IXPE coated aluminum and closed cell foam, both of these 2 materials are good for orthopedic emergency. The splint is non-toxic, it can be cut into any shape and become supportive for any fracture or injured limb. The splint can be widely used in many...Read More

  • Sam Rolled Rescue Splint Polymorphic Fixture Splint for Arm and Leg

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    Sam Rolled Rescue Splint Polymorphic Fixture Splint for Arm and Leg

    Emergency Rolled Splint The most universal splint available. It can be used to splint almost any bone in the body, and is ideal for field use when weight and size are factors. The thin, radiolucent aluminum core is sandwiched between two layers of closed-cell foam, making it...Read More

  • Key-ring CPR One Way Valve Mask

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    Key-ring CPR One Way Valve Mask

    description: * Non-reusable, single use only. * Foldable mask design. * High transparency for better visualization. * Latex-free 100% medical level PVC material. * Additional accessories and customized label are available.Read More

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